CAJPA Accreditation

NCCSIF is one of the first JPAs to achieve CAJPA Accrediation with Excellence in 1993. CAJPA sponsors the nation's first risk management accreditation program. This program establishes a model of professional standards which serves as a guideline for all risk management pools regardless of size, scope of operation, or membership structure.

Why CAJPA Accreditation is so important:

  • CAJPA's accreditation program sets the standard of professionalism for JPAs.
  • Accreditation improves the confidence of the JPA Members.
  • The accreditation program strengthens the quality of JPAs in California.
  • Accreditation builds confidence by board members and officials that the JPA is diligently operating at a high level of professionalism.
  • The accreditation program serves to assist JPA managers to achieve standards of quality in all essential elements of JPA management.
  • The accreditation program assures related agencies and industries that the JPA is meeting generally accepted standards.
  • Most importantly, the accreditation program addresses the concerns of state regulators and legislators that JPAs are professionally managed, financially secure and self-regulating.


View NCCSIF's accreditation certificate here.
Visit the CAJPA's website here.